Electronic Music Composer / Audio Post Production Engineer / Label Runner

b. 1984 Yamanashi JP
lives and works in Berlin DE

An electronic composer with both the aliases of Yu Miyashita & Yaporigami. A runner of a label The Collection Artaud. Released works from a number of labels internationally, including German Mille Plateaux and American Detroit Underground. Music videos such as SyncBody, Mimic, The Motion Paradox and Lilium were selected, nominated and screened at festivals in various countries. In recent years, Miyashita has provided music for the installation records by contemporary artist Chiharu Shiota, MEETT by OMA, a Dutch architectural firm, and the footage of the American Burning Man and produced music for three shows of fashion brand Viviano. In addition, a joint exhibition with Kezzardrix was held at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts.  He was in charge of the entire soundtrack for a film directed by Jeremiah Mosese, This Is Not A Burial, It’s A Resurrection, which premiered at the 2019 Venice International Film Festival and has won numerous awards at film festivals around the world, including American Sundance.




+Mus, 1-1PR.f2R.SM, 8%, Adidas, ANREALAGE, AOI Pro, Asif Khan, Bokeh Game Studio, BRDG, Bridgestone, Burning Man, Chiharu Shiota, CITIZEN, Eiji Sumi, IBM, ITO EN, Johnnie Walker, Kagome, KARAMUK KUO, KIRIN, Lexus, mAtter, MTV, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Nissan, Nylon, OMA, Perfume, Pokka Sapporo, SAPPORO, Seiko, Seven Stars, Shingo Yoshida, Signal Dada, Sony, SO-IL, Square, TOW, Toyota, Urucu Media, VIVIANO, WISE, WOW, & Yahoo


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