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Artist: Yaporigami

Title: A Hectic Truer

Label: FF' Space

Cat #: ffs006

Format: CD / Digital 

Country: UA

Release Date: 27 May 2015


01. Fragment [4:58].
02. Fragmental [3:58].
03. Fragmentary [5:30].
04. Fragmentarily [6:07].
05. Fragmentation [1:53].
06. Fragmented [6:12].
07. Fragmenting [6:04].

Total Time: [34:42]


About Yaporigami

Beat orientated music project of Japanese electronic music artist Yu Miyashita. Active since 2005 Miyashita has released a total of 10 recordings including albums and EPs in both physical and digital format on independent labels such as Detroit Underground (US), Hz-records (JP) and +Mus (JP). "Drudged Torn Routine" (2014) on Detroit Underground has been featured for Top Albums 2014 on French SWQW Magazine. Miyashita performs across a spectrum of Japanese venues to include Dommune, eleven, Liquidroom, Metro, Super Deluxe, Soup, Unit, Womb, WWW and British venues Concorde2, Electrowerkz and Sketch. Miyashita has had Festival appearances at EMAF (Japan), Loop Festival (UK) and most recently headlined the closing party of Transitio_MX (Mexico) together with Vokoi, Japanese visual artist. The music videos "SyncBody" (2012), "The Motion Paradox" (2014), "Lilium" (2015) were widely spread amongst musicians / filmmakers / media working in audio-visual scene. Lithuanian online journal Secret Thirteen featured a mix of Yaporigami as their first Japanese artist alongside others to include Ancient Methods, Demdike Stare, Emptyset, and Peter Rehberg. This mix has ranked #1 for both IDM / Industrial categories on Mixcloud trending chart. Miyashita will be releasing from several independent labels during 2015.


"All the tracks were crafted soon after the release of an album “Hertzian” on Japanese Hz-records in 2012. Looking back what I was doing at the time creationwise, I have realised that I was challenging to shift my music into more Techno orientated direction using texturaly intriguing / synesthesic sound fragments. Furthermore gradual / constant change / addition of layer(s) in sequence was my focus as well. “A Hectruer Truer” is a carefully compiled selection of those tracks for FF’Space exclusively."


FF`Space is happy to present a new fragment from additional FF`S Unit: Yaporigami - “___”. During a conversation, Yaporigami is presenting his material as some architectural sound, based on archetypes. What kind of archetypes we see during the listening process and could the sound talk about something more than just time based structures? After the listening process sound involves us to see worlds which are hiden and unexplainable in between of constant and rhythmic structures of the music layers. Infra-structure of such a system becomes visible after switching an attention from strict rhythmic pulsations to the back side and nearby processes. This masterpiece from Yaporigami explains new opportunities of the sound to be discovered.


Algorithmic grayscale graphics is produced by Andrey Yamkovoy - Ukrainian digital artist in the fields of visual design, graphics and interaction.


All tracks by Yaporigami in 2012

Mastering by Yu Miyashita at Studio Underarrow
Design by v4w.enko
Generative Artwork by Andrey Yamkovoy


EtherREAL - "Si l’artiste reconnait ici une approche plus "techno" de sa musique, c’est peut-être en raison de cette base sèche et sourde, ces kicks qui structurent chacune des 7 pièces qui composent l’album, mais on est tout de même plus proche d’Autechre que du dancefloor, même si l’on croit entendre une bribe vocale ("house" ?) sur Fragmental. De micros éléments sont toujours présents, quelque part entre la ponctuation et arrière plan, comme les bleeps du très répétitif Fragmentary qui peuvent évoquer une scène de jeu vidéo." - "The work reflects on the artistic process of taking sound into challenging techno-experimental areas that still survive in a standardised market. The sounds encountered are refined, complex and architectural, built on the idea of basic archetypes that come to life during the process of listening, with vivid continuous structures and rhythmic layers in a continuum of great sound design. It isn’t the first time (nor will it be the last) that an experimental producer changed direction to embrace techno, but here it is almost as if it were a mechanical imposition – a crossover that shouldn’t be accused of opportunism. Fragmentary randomness has inspired glitch sounds, rhythmic pulsations, creepy patterns and vibrational spasms. However, the transformation of the original treatment has the effect of a sophisticated hybrid that involves many different elements: not just a techno mix, but something much more complex and engaging."

Stray Landings - "Where its titles are variations on the same word, sonically the same concept fits across A Hectic Truer. Miyashita maintains a feeling of mechanical efficiency, creeping factory sounds and buoyant low-end providing the framework for each offering. Despite the fact the material was written around time of Hertzian, A Hectic Truer still feels fresh for Miyashita, and as his bank of previous releases attests, its always a pleasure to hear something new."

Vital Weeky - " If you like it all minimal then this is certainly the place to be."


FF' Space

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Liebermannstr. 75
D-13088 Berlin

Phone: +49 176 9789 8358
- Awards +

Adfest - Bronze x 1
Cannes Lions - Silver Lion x 1
New York Festivals - Finalist Award x 3
The One Show - Merit Award x 2
Vimeo Staff Picks x 4
- Testimonial

"For me, POP is not a style, melody, nor harmony, but it is what makes people convinced beyond the categories of knowledge / technology / time / language. Yaporigami’s groove and noise is POP"  - World's End Girlfriend