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Artist: Yaporigami
Title: Eye / Hand
Label: Detroit Underground
Cat #: DETUND LTD #10
Format: Cassette / Digital
Country: US
Release Date: 24 Nov 2015


Side Eye:

A01. (Break) [00:41]
A02. At First [01:50]
A03. (Gap) [00:15]
A04. Glance I Fell [05:13]
A05. (Halt) [01:11] (
A06. In Love [06:00]
A07. (Hiatus) [01:33]
A08. With You [05:05]
A09. (Interlude) [00:19]
A10. I Couldn't [05:43]
A11. (Intermission) [02:50]
A12. Figure Out [05:12]
A13. (Interval) [01:39]
A14. What it Was [05:53]
A15. (Lull) [01:17]

Side Hand:

B01. (Aby) [00:44]
B02. I Wanted [04:51]
B03. (Pause) [02:58]
B04. To Hold [07:14]
B05. (Recess) [02:08]
B06. Her Hand Tenderly [05:36] (
B07. (Respite) [00:48]
B08. I Wasn't [06:42]
B09. (Rest) [01:11]
B10. Thinking Of Taking [05:55]
B11. (Stop) [01:28]
B12. Your Clothes Off [04:26]


All tracks by Yaporigami
Mastering by Studio Underarrow
Drawing Artwork by takashi okada


Stray Landings - "There appears to be no end to Yaporigami’s output. With each new release, we get a glimpse into another dimension of his character. His latest export, Eye / Hand comes only two months since the brilliant Homage under his birth name, and barely over half a year since his last release on FF`Space, A Hectic Truer. Where Homage was limited to just six delicately unfolded pieces, Eye / Hand sprawls 27 quick-and-dirty track over 90 minutes. Apart from the two sides to the album, it also forms a mesh of two kinds of composition. First, there is the familiar, warped dance-floor sound of Yaporigami. These appear to be playing a game of Dadaist cut-up; ‘What it Was’ or ‘Her Hand Tenderly’, for example. Strung together, though, they weave an inviting narrative: “At First — Glance I Fell — In Love — With You — I Couldn’t —Figure Out — What it Was — I Wanted — To Hold — Her Hand Tenderly — I Wasn’t — Thinking Of Taking — Your Clothes Off”.

However, there are also some novel, miniature sonic experiments, running at or below the one-minute mark. These cover everything from musique concrète oddities to out-and-out harsh noise. We are given moments ‘away’ from the meat of the album to recollect our thoughts, highlighted by synonymic titles in parentheses: ‘(Lull)’, ‘(Interval)’, ‘(Respite)’ and so on. This gives the album a great sense of exploration and scope, not dissimilar to the freedom that Drukqs or a Boards of Canada record held at the peak of their career.

‘With You’ is a clear highlight; a cacophonous and violent drone that swirls around the stereo field in joyful unrest. ‘I Wanted’, too, is one of Miyashita’s bravest efforts, giving the Raster-Noton style a squelchy makeover. But yet, the album closes at its climax; ‘Your Clothes Off’ is a dazzling display of technical talent. This LP is not Miyashita’s first excursion to tape. But it is his first attempt at creating a double-album, and has to be one of his most peculiar, versatile and challenging to date." - George McVicar

wiwontwor - "Letos, respektive před pár dny, se tento Japonec přifičel s novou deskou, která se jmenuje Eye/Hand a je to opět deska roku týdne století. On se tedy už mezitím přifičel s jednou kratší deskou A Hectic Truer a taky s albem pod svým vlastním jménem, ale v jeho případě není kadence desek a la Omar Rodriguez Lopez „nahraju pět desek klidně ještě dřív než mě to napadne“ na škodu, ba přímo naopak. Yaporigami precizně ořezává svůj raster-notonovský zvuk do podob velmi podobných Kangding Rayovi a ještě pár měsíců a možná si sedne na trůn vedle něj. Novinka čítá 27 tracků a je rozdělena na rytmickou část (duc duc audi mercedes s kapkou industrialu) a noiseovou, polyrytmickou, která škube mozkem jako dobře promazané kladívko v rukou zběsilého svářeče s Parkinsonem. Tímto si uděluji cenu pro nejlepší přirovnání dnešního dne. Děkuji za cenu. Není zač."


Stray Landings - "新作発表の度、彼の性格の別次元を垣間見る様でYaporigamiの創作には終わりが無い様に思われる。今作「Eye / Hand」はYu Miyashita名義で発表された見事な「Homage」からたった2ヶ月、FF' Spaceからリリースされた前作「A Hectic Truer」より約6ヶ月という期間でアナウンスされた。「Homage」が綿密に展開された6曲に制限されていた事に対し「Eye / Hand」は90分に及ぶ機敏で楠んだ27曲から成っている。Side Eye / Side Handという両面が存在する事に加え、楽曲自体の特徴も(大きく)2種類で構成されている。一つ目は、馴染みのあるYaporigamiの歪んだダンスフロアサウンド。これらはダダイストのカットアップの様に遊戯をしている様に伺える。「What It Was」や「Her Hand Tenderly」と題されたトラックがその例であり、これらは繋ぎ合わされ(にも関わらず)惹き付ける物語を編んでいる:“At First — Glance I Fell — In Love — With You — I Couldn’t —Figure Out — What it Was — I Wanted — To Hold — Her Hand Tenderly — I Wasn’t — Thinking Of Taking — Your Clothes Off”

二つ目は、小説の様な(ほとんどが)一分前後の尺の、細密な音の実験の楽曲群である。これらは奇妙なミュージックコンクレートから、純然たるハーシュノイズまでを包んでいる。私達はアルバムの骨子から「離れ」思考を思い出させる機会を与えられている。括弧内に並べられた類義語のタイトル群に強調されながら:(Lull)、(Interval)、(Respite)等々の。この事は、探求と(同作品が包括する)範囲に関しての卓越した感覚をアルバムに与えている。DrukqsやBoards of Canadaの作品が彼等のキャリアのピーク時に保有していた自由と相違無い様に。

「With You」は明らかなハイライトである:喜ばしい不穏の中でステレオフィールドを渦巻く不協和で暴力的なドローン。「I Wanted」も同様である:彼の勇ましい成果の一つ。既存のスタイルに、それを押し潰す改変を与える様な。しかし、更には、アルバムはクライマックスで閉ざされる。「Your Clothes Off」は技術的な才能の目映い表出である。このLPは、彼の最初のカセット作品では無いが、ダブルアルバムという意味では初の試みであり、そして現在における、彼の最も独特で多才で挑戦に満ちた作品に違いないであろう。" - George McVicar

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Adfest - Bronze x 1
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New York Festivals - Finalist Award x 3
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Vimeo Staff Picks x 4
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"For me, POP is not a style, melody, nor harmony, but it is what makes people convinced beyond the categories of knowledge / technology / time / language. Yaporigami’s groove and noise is POP"  - World's End Girlfriend