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Artist: Yaporigami / Yu Miyashita
Title: Grind Analysys Fig. 1
Label: Stray Landings
Cat #: SL001
Format: Vinyl / Digital
Country: UK
Release Date: 06 April 2015


A1. Yaporigami - Ashen Oblique (
A2. Yaporigami - Lunar Steps
B1. Yu Miyashita - The Silent Pulse


Our debut 12" comes from Japanese sound-artist Yu Miyashita. We first became aware of his work two years back, upon the release of his stunning SyncBody collaboration with visual collective BRDG. His blend of atmosphere rich sound-design and fragmented techno felt distinct and refreshing. After contacting Miyashita and arranging a mix/interview feature, we quickly realised that his work was some of the most unique music we had heard in some time, and decided it needed to be exposed to a wider audience.

This EP, 'Grind Analysts Fig.1' sees the union of Miyashita's two projects; the a-side being occupied by the relatively dance-floor centric tracks he crafts as Yaporigami, whereas the b-side is reserved for the haunting atmospheric soundscapes he composes under his birth-name.

Included with the 12" we have also put together an accompanying booklet, seeking to reveal some of the processes we went through when making the record. It features an interview with Miyashita, as well several labels and artistic collectives with which he has worked closely over the last few years.

'Grind Analysts Fig.1' will be available as part of a limited 100 copy vinyl run from early April, and digitally shortly after. - Stray Landings


Bleep - "London / Brighton website turned-record label Stray Landings serves up their debut 12” from Japanese sound-artist Yu Miyashita. Two years ago Miyashita dropped a audio-visual collaboration with video mapping and interactive technology designers, BRDG. Stray Landings were hooked and got in touch. (* Although SyncBody, a Music Video on BRDG is indeed featured for Miyashita's interview on SL, actually, the starting point was the moment that Stray Landings listened to a demo on Miyashita's SoundCloud.) Grind Analysts Fig 1 sees Miyashita play Jekkyl and Hyde. Side 1 is witness to his Yaporigami guise and hears him lay down broken digital techno shapes and PAN abstractions in the 4/4. Flipside, we see Miyashita under his own name working in breathy power-ambient and stunning vocal manipulations in the Katie Gately, Holly Herndon style. The 100 run vinyl issue sold out fast (* Actually, very few copies are still available at label's bandcamp), so this is the only way to grab this exciting new artist for your ears."

Boomkat - "Crack-shot breakbeat techno and ambient noise designs from Japan. 'Grind Analysts Fig.1' is a striking introduction to Yu Miyashita/Yaporigami's two guises, following his 2011 output released on Mille Plateaux and mAtter. We're particularly impressed by the two technoid A-side tracks, operating somewhere between the gritty steppers flux of Aught's Xth Réflexion or Fis and the whirring mechanics of T++. The sound design of 'Ashen Oblique' is somehow elegantly weightless yet utterly bombed out and forceful, while 'Lunar Steps' yields the most deviant breakbeat techno of 2015 so far."

Igloo Magazine - "...And while we’re there, a more esoteric excursion for you… er… by Yu, rather. That’s Yu Miyashita, author of the first in a run of 12″s from fellow scribbler (sometime audio-dabbler) Theo Darton-Moore’s online publication, sometime label, Stray Landings. Grind Analysts combines the artist’s two sides, ‘A’ bearing the off-kilter glitch-techno of his Yaporigami alias, ‘B’ a platform for the jarring mix of ethereal soundscapes and abrasive noise pursued under his given name. Analyze the grind!"

The Quietus - "the 12" combines Miyashita's two projects; the A-side tracks occupied by the off-kilter glitch-techno he produces as Yaporigami, and the B-side is reserved for the music he composes under his given name - a jarring mix of ethereal soundscapes and abrasive noise."

Ransom Note - "The first vinyl outing for Stray Landings, a blog-come-label highlighting the less classifiable ends of techno and other strangely manipulated, niche variants of dance and electronics. There’s an expectation with infant ventures that its initial efforts might be steps to something greater rather than immediately surefooted propositions."

Watch The Hype - "‘Ashen Oblique’ growls from the offset; the track is pulled along by static-fuelled cymbals and a grinding, pulsating kick. The whole piece merges as a machine-like representation of an enraged caged tiger. ‘Lunar Steps’ rolls in thick with a weighty industrial breakbeat. The repeating skeleton is intelligently appended with subtle percussive fills, and rasping tones attempt to fight their way in only to be forced back under the darkness. The consistently intense thumping feels more like trying to force steps on the scorching and intense surface gravity of the sun rather than an a buoyant moonwalk. Toning down somewhat on the B-side is ‘The Silent Pulse’, where Miyashita has processed church-like, choral vocals into an intriguing ethereal uneasiness. The track is filled with dense drones that somehow weave in and out of darkness, charactered by scratches and glitches along the way."


Bleep - ""ロンドンとブライトンを拠点にしているStray Landings。音楽レビューサイトからレーベルへと活動の幅を広げた彼らから、日本人サウンドアーティストYu Miyashitaの12"がレーベルデビュー作として届けられた。2年前、Miyashitaがオーディオビジュアル作品をBRDG(ビデオマッピングやインタラクティブ技術を備えたデザイナー集団)から発表した際、Stray Landingsチームの琴線に触れ交流が始まったようだ。(*インタビューでは確かにBRDGから発表されているSyncBodyがフィーチャーされているが、実際はSoundCloudでStray Landingsがデモを聞いた事が切っ掛けとなっている。)Grind Analysts Fig. 1のリリースに於いてMiyashitaはジキルとハイドをこなしている。 A面ではMiyashitaのYaporigamiとしての装いを目撃する事が出来、ブロークンデジタルテクノなスタイルと4/4のフォーマットに沿いつつもPANに伺える様な抽象性を聞く事が出来る。B面は彼の本名名義となっており、息遣いが聞こえる様なパワーアンビエントとKatie GatelyやHolly Herndonの様な素晴らしいヴォーカルマニピュレーションを聞く事が出来る。限定100枚のVinylリリースは直ぐに完売となったそうだ。(*実際には僅かな枚数のストックがレーベルのbandcampより入手可能。)故に、Bleepでこのエキサイティングな新しいアーティストの音源を入手してみては?貴方の耳の為に。"

Boomkat - "Stray Landingsによる素晴らしいレーベルデビュー作:ホワイトラベル部分にハンドスタンプ、vinylを折り込む形でのアートワーク、手作業により美しく縫い込まれたアーティストによるインタビューを含む小冊子、それら全てが厚いポリエチレンのスリーブに纏められている。Edition of 100** 日本から届けられた(西部劇で見られる)早撃ちガンマンの様なブレイクビートテクノとアンビエントノイズ。今作"Grind Analysts Fig. 1"は、2011年にMille PlateauxとmAtterより発表された作品に続く同アーティストの両名義Yu Miyashita / Yaporigamiの際立ったイントロダクションとなっている。Boomkatとしては、とりわけA面のテクノ寄りの楽曲に感銘を受けている。砂に取られた様な足取りを思わせる流動性を彷彿とさせるAughtレーベルのXth RéflexionやFisの楽曲と、T++の昆虫が羽音を立てている様な楽曲構造の何処か狭間を進んでいる様な展開。"Ashen Oblique"のサウンドデザインは何故か優美で重力を感じさせない、にも関わらず完全に崩壊的(爆撃後の廃墟の様な)で力強く断定的である。一方"Lunar Steps"は2015年の現時点における最も逸脱したブレイクビートテクノを産み出している。早急に考えよう、この作品は長くストックがキープ出来るとは思えないから。"


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"For me, POP is not a style, melody, nor harmony, but it is what makes people convinced beyond the categories of knowledge / technology / time / language. Yaporigami’s groove and noise is POP"  - World's End Girlfriend