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Artist: Yu Miyashita
Title: Homage
Cat #: SIGNAL011
Format: CD, Album
Country: Japan
Release Date: 20 Sep 2015


1. to Leonardo
2. to Ionesco (04:50)

3. to Goethe (05:14)

4. to Novalis (06:00)

5. to Shusaku (01:48)

6. to Michael (09:58)


To the madly beautiful world to death

For instance, from when you were little, I guess everyone has had a sense of incongruity to certain extent. It appears to be impossible to judge whether I'm crazy or this world is. Accelerated sensibility seems to rather expose a decisive break between me and the way the world is. However, in order to go forward, taking one firm step at a time must be noble. For example, even if you confront yourself with such a world, who can deny the way you decided to be, live, exist and the path you have endeavoured to discover? I wish I could rather enjoy a contradiction but I'm not born in such a way.

There are variety of people sitting in the direction we call the past, when we catch the concept of time linearly. To mention six, Leonard Da Vinci, Eugène Ionesco, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Novalis, Shusaku Arakawa and Michael Ende. There's a feel in myself that what they have left have certain influences on the way I am now. My gratitude to the way they were.


"Haunting the listener in short bursts of deathly hymns." - Stray Landings


Debuted from German Mille Plateaux in 2011. Miyashita is also known for his releases from Japanese labels such as mAtter, original context art label run by Yukitomo Hamasaki and SIGNAL_DADA, alternative-electronic music record label run by shotahirama. The music video "Lucio Arese | Yu Miyashita - Mimic (2012)" has been selected, nominated and screened at various festivals across the world to include Ars Electronica Animation Festival (Linz, Austria), Athens Video Art Festival (Athens, Greece), International Film Festival Of Cinematic Arts (Los Angeles, USA), Saatchi New Director's Showcase (Cannes, France), SIGGRAPH (Singapore). Miyashita will be releasing new CD album "Homage" from SIGNAL_DADA in September 2015.

"While the glitch pioneers tended to favour a stripped down minimalism, Miyashita takes advantage of advances in processing power to create maximalist symphonies of jittery orchestral samples, granular synthesis and dense textural wash. --- his complex creations are well crafted and worth checking." - Cyclic Defrost

"Esoteric excursion" - Igloo Magazine

"A jarring mix of ethereal soundscapes and abrasive noise." - The Quietus

"Yu Miyashita's music hits you like a wave, in which each droplet of water is replaced by a string of digitized code. When first hit, it is impossible to decipher anything but raw emotion and sound, such is the seemingly impenetrable structure of it, resplendent in white noise mutated by the human hand." - Silent Ballet

"Church-like, choral vocals into an intriguing ethereal uneasiness" - Watch The Hype


Stray Landings - "‘To Leonardo’, for example, splits between desolated musique concrète and swelling orchestral flourishes; a kind of musical stream-of-conciousness that one can follow. ’To Novalis’ too, takes on a Basinskian form, laying and overlaying an achingly simple piano loop until it is fully sedimented into the mind. Nonetheless, there is great care taken not to patronise the listener by over-saturating the mix in sentimentality. There are beautiful melodies, but they exist fleetingly, and we hear them only in slivers and remnants. Miyashita has a talent for marrying these discrete ideas with swirling cacophonies of noise, creating a powerful sense of battling against the awesome forces of nature. This is especially true for ‘To Michael’, the sister-track to ‘The Silent Pulse’, B-side of our Grind Analysts 12”. In ‘The Silent Pulse’, the rousing vocals penetrated through with clear and distinct clarity. In this rendition however, the chilling chorale takes on a more detached order, haunting the listener in short bursts of deathly hymns"

Vital Weekly - "One could say this is 'ambient', but there is more to that than just that. It's not just a few layers of sounds, working together to create a warm bed of ambient patterns, but rather the elements of noise have been softened, slowed down and melted into something that is partially quite beautiful and part haunting, thanks to the various layers of voices he sometimes uses. It owes to the world of skipping sounds (think Oval circa '94 Diskont'), but also to Fennesz on darker days, shoegazing and malfunctioning software. It is perhaps not something you haven't heard before"


shotahirama主宰レーベル SIGNALDADAが、ドイツ Mille Plateaux よりデビューを果たしたYu Miyashitaの国内では初となるフルCDアルバムをリリース!異質な音像と、想像力の限界へ挑む退廃的な世界観が新たな音響音楽を提示する!

Yaporigami 名義で活躍する Yu Miyashita が国内初となるフルCDアルバムをリリース!アルバム『post punk』や4枚組 CDボックス『Surf』など近年大きな注目を集めている音楽家 shotahirama が2011年より主宰するレーベル SIGNALDADA。shotahirama 以外のアーティストによるソロアルバムはレーベル11作品目の本作が初。世界の電子音響シーンに大きな影響を与えるドイツのレーベル Mille Plateaux よりデビューを果たし、ヨーロッパを拠点に活動してきたYu Miyashita が待望の国内初CDアルバム。ノンビートの異質な音像が、優美で退廃的な世界観を創り出す圧巻の全 6 曲、驚愕のストレンジミュージック!


"自然と涙が出た。振動無くして伝わる音など無い。彼の音楽には、肉体と精神を揺るがす振動と、崩れ逝く世界が置き去りにした情緒が確かに残っている。" - 津田翔平|Shohei Tsuda


ドイツMille Plateauxより2011年にデビューを果たし逆輸入された電子音楽家Yu Miyashita。国内のオリジナルコンテクストアートレーベルmAtterや、オルタナティブエレクトロニクスを標榜し既存の概念から逸脱した革新的な電子音楽作品を発表するCDレーベルSIGNAL_DADAからのリリースでも知られている。2012年に発表された映像作品"Lucio Arese | Yu Miyashita - Mimic (2012)" は、Ars Electronica Animation Festival (オーストリア)、Athens Video Art Festival (ギリシャ)、International Film Festival Of Cinematic Arts (アメリカ)、Saatchi New Director's Showcase (フランス)、SIGGRAPH (シンガポール)等、世界各国の多数のフェスティバルで選出、ノミネート、上映され続ける事となる。2015年9月、shotahirama主宰するSIGNAL_DADAより国内初CDフルアルバム"Homage"をリリース。

"崩壊する新建築に映える高度な物理現象とグリッチやらの歴史的背景からまるで脱臼したかのように旧プラトー形式の理論を無視した音楽構造。マス、アート、近年のネットコミュニティを中心としたポストカルチャー、そして彼の制作活動すべてに生じる大きな差異ひとつひとつこそが Yu Miyashita のオルタナティヴモデルたる所以であり、そしてそれが人を魅了する大きな理由でもある様に思える。今後もその構造領域の拡大が楽しみなアーティスト。" - shotahirama

- リリースに寄せて



時間の概念を直線的に捉えた時に僕らが過去と呼んでいる方向に色んな人達が居る。仮に六人挙げるとすれば、レオナルド ダ ヴィンチ、ウジェーヌ イヨネスコ、ヨハン ヴォルフガング フォン ゲーテ、ノヴァーリス、荒川修作、ミヒャエル エンデ。彼らが残してくれたものが今の自分の在り方に響いている事は確かな感触として存在していて。そんな彼らの在り方に感謝の意を表して。


Physical Album at amazon, JP / diskunion, JP / inpartmaint, JP / SIGNAL_STORE, JP / Tower Records, JP

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Adfest - Bronze x 1
Cannes Lions - Silver Lion x 1
New York Festivals - Finalist Award x 3
The One Show - Merit Award x 2
Vimeo Staff Picks x 4
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"For me, POP is not a style, melody, nor harmony, but it is what makes people convinced beyond the categories of knowledge / technology / time / language. Yaporigami’s groove and noise is POP"  - World's End Girlfriend