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Japan may have to sink completely once. Around 2015, my aversion to Japan peaked. Currently I live in Berlin, Germany. I feel that there is a huge difference between the Japanese educational culture that hides all the historic faults and the German educational culture that confronts them by looking directly at it. Since I was born in Japan I still do not sincerely understand the core importance of democracy. But without it, if you think about the fact that humans cannot live as humans, you will easily realise the importance of it. In other words, it is something like the importance of health that you notice for the first time when you lose it. However humans are also animals that cannot learn unless they fail. Same goes for me. For such people, the sinking of Japan may be essential because of our immature mentality that can't be learned unless it really happens. The hidden meaning of the word “become an adult” that is commonly said in Japan seems to be like to act and speak with the understanding that the world is unequal and unreasonable. Fuck you, it is enough. I am born as a Japanese person and I want to love my country. But current Japan stands there as if all this sincere feeling is betrayed. I do not mean to say that other countries are better. However, in Europe, people with certain vision are fighting for human rights and our environment. How difficult is it to live in Japan where humans are not allowed to live as humans? If the majority is crazy, then madness is normal. Japan may have to sink completely once.

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