Music:Yaporigami - "I, Me, Am, I, Wish, To Be, Myself"

Produced by BRDG


Creative Applications - "Created by Kenichi Yoneda (Kynd) in collaboration with Tokyo ‘visual label’ BRDG, [BRDG020] Lilium is an audio-visual experiment that combines Kynd’s research into watercolour simulation with the music by Yaporigami/Yu Miyashita."

The Creators Project - "Japanese collective BRDG delivers another explosion of colors and sound in their newest art video, Lilium. The so-called “off-duty” work speaks yet again to their uncanny audiovisual prowess, but what's more, Lilium is the result of a collaboration between BRDG and two more digital art stars, experimental visual programmer KYND, and beatsmith/sound artist Yaporigami."


Ars Electronica Animation Festival - Abstraction, Linz, AT, 2015
Nippon Connection, Frankfurt, DE, 2015