Quark by Eiji Sumi

Filming and Video Editing by
Meeratchata Rujinarong

Music by Yu Miyashita

About Quark

An installation by an artist who creates elaborate structures and new spatial experiences with light as his central medium. In QUARK, Eiji employs particles that appear like reflective dust, and are typically used in motion graphics. The installation consists of a site-specific structure in which these particles urgently swirl and most immediately compel a great sense of wonder and fascination. They further compel an array of associations to with infinitude and the cosmos. However, the artist is also concerned to prove relationships between art and science and the installation is technically accomplished, resulting from a variety of experiments to achieve the tornado-like movement of the reflective powder and effectively manipulate the environment of H Project Space at H Gallery Bangkok

The title of this installation references subatomic particles which are the smallest known units of matter. The basis of all in the world, they never occur alone and interact by means of force. The name, quark, was taken by a physicist from James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake, where a punning on the name of the character King Mark provided inspiration. A further literary influence can be noted in the fact that the six types of known quarks are designated as ‘flavors’ and ‘colors’, and one of their titles is charm. These auras of scientific and literary interest shape exhibition Quark.

About Eiji Sumi

Eiji Sumi was born in Tokyo in 1970. After graduating from Rikkyo University, also known as St Paul’s University, with a degree in Industrial Relation, Sumi moved to New York in 1994 where he pursued his career in art and design. Eiji Sumi's creativity first originated in the realm of fine art, which was later extended to design, multimedia and installation. He started his art training as a child in Japan, then in New York, he worked as artist assistant for Stefano Castronovo, Italian master painter who painted Andy Warhol’s Iconic Leather Jacket of Andy Warhol and Jean Michel Basquiat, which culminated with the study of painting with various commissioned art works in New York. During his time in New York, Sumi gained attention with his projects ranging from mixed-media and light installations to painting and drawing. He has created visual art and design for various clientele including, The Maritime Hotel, The Bowery Hotel, Nike Japan, Asahi Beer USA, Greenwich Hotel, Duncan Quinn amongst others. He has held numerous exhibitions internationally, and has been curated by Eric Shiner, the current director of the Andy Warhol Museum, and Helen Wu, the producer and co-curator of the Paper Rain Parade recently seen in Art Basel Hong Kong. Sumi moved to Bangkok in 2012, and currently is a lecturer in Chulalongkorn University’s International Communication Design Program (CommDe), part of the university’s Faculty of Architecture. Sumi has been creating 5 Exhibitions since his arrival in Bangkok 2012 and curated by Jim Thompson Art Center's Gridthiya Gaweewong and H gallery's Brian Curtin and have created 1 Exhibition in New Yokr 2014

隅 英二

神奈川県、東京都で生まれ育つ。立教大学卒業(卒業生:杉本博司/細野晴臣など)後、1994年にニューヨークに拠点を置き、Art student league of New Yorkで学ぶ。現在、タイのChulalongkorn大學の講師として、Communication Design Program でDigital DesignとInstallation、Display Designの教鞭をとる。隅英二の独創性は、ファインアートの分野から始まり、後にデザインやライティング、インスタレーションへと広がりをみせ、ドローイング、ペインティング、グラフィック、照明デザインやインスタレーションなど、これまでに幅広い分野でのヴィジュアルアートを創造している。彼は幼少期に日本で美術教育を受け、それが結果的にペインティングの勉強となり、ニューヨークで様々な作品を依頼されることとなる。主なものとして、The Maritime HotelやThe Bowery Hotelの壁画、ナイキジャパンやアサヒビール、Greenwich Hotel、Duncan Quinnのグラフィックアート、the Maritime Hotelのライティング等、幅広い顧客にヴィジュアルアートやデザインを提供してきている。この期間は、彼の作品の方向性に大いに影響を与え、その結 果、作品の作成手段における境界線を薄めていったといえる。彼は現在までにニューヨーク、東京、大阪、香港、トロントで展示会を行っており、さらに今回2012年バンコクで展示会を実施する。過去の主な活動としては、エリック・シャイナー(アンディウォーホル美術館の現ディレクター)により企画され、ニューヨーク・チェルシーのOnishi Galleryで開催、作品“Oneline Drawing”を展示した“Land(e)scape”、ニューヨーク・ソーホーのStorefront for Art and Architectureにて開催された“Chinatowns”のアートディレクションと写真撮影、Salomon Arts Gallery Tribeca 2009/2010でのライティングインスタレーション“Light it up”/“Limited Edition Unlimited Design”、Nuit Blanche/ Bring to Light art festival“Chimera of Meteoshow” / “Diaphaspectrum 2010”、Invisible Dog Art Centerでの“Speed of Life”など多数。2012年5月、タイ・バンコクで個展を開催。現在も、ビジュアルアートやデザインの概念的かつ、さらに革新的な視点を表現するため、隅はあらゆる分野における創造的リソースを継続して利用している。