Video : Kezzardrix (made with Unity3D, openFrameworks and Max6.)
Music : Yaporigami

Produced by BRDG


The Creators Project - "The greyscale video, which features more tweaked torsos than Silent Hill could shake a rusty cleaver at, was released on Vimeo's Staff Picks last week, and is rapidly picking up steam. BRDG-member Kezzardrix used the Unity3D game engine, openFrameworks and Max6 to generate the visuals which oh-so perfectly pair with the glitch IDM dirge provided by Japanese beatsmith, Yaporigami. These are glitch aesthetics at their finest; Aphex Twin, eat your heart out."

On Q Media - "Strange and even creepy at times but a great example of how random visuals mixed with the right music can create an engaging piece of content. And like an abstract piece of art, one that can have its own meaning to anyone who watches it."