ALBUM, 2021

Artist: Yu Miyashita
Title: Homage (RM)
Label: The Collection Artaud
Cat #: TCA 45
Format: Cassette (Chrome) / Digital
Country: DE
Release Date: 18 Mar 2021

1. to Leonardo
2. to Ionesco
3. to Goethe
4. to Novalis
5. to Shusaku
6. to Michael

Originally released on Signal Dada in 2015
Written & Produced by Yu Miyashita
Mastering by Yu Miyashita at Underarrow
Drawing by Takashi Okada

- To The Madly Beautiful World To Death
For instance, from when you were little, I guess everyone has had a sense of incongruity to certain extent. It appears to be impossible to judge whether I'm crazy or this world is. Accelerated sensibility seems to rather expose a decisive break between me and the way the world is. However, in order to go forward, taking one firm step at a time must be noble. For example, even if you confront yourself with such a world, who can deny the way you decided to be, live, exist and the path you have endeavoured to discover? I wish I could rather enjoy a contradiction but I'm not born in such a way.
There are variety of people sitting in the direction we call the past, when we catch the concept of time linearly. To mention six, Leonard Da Vinci, Eugène Ionesco, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Novalis, Shusaku Arakawa and Michael Ende. There's a feel in myself that what they have left have certain influences on the way I am now. My gratitude to the way they were.
- 死ぬ程狂おしくて美しい世界へ
時間の概念を直線的に捉えた時に僕らが過去と呼んでいる方向に色んな人達が居る。仮に六人挙げるとすれば、レオナルド ダ ヴィンチ、ウジェーヌ イヨネスコ、ヨハン ヴォルフガング フォン ゲーテ、ノヴァーリス、荒川修作、ミヒャエル エンデ。彼らが残してくれたものが今の自分の在り方に響いている事は確かな感触として存在していて。そんな彼らの在り方に感謝の意を表して。

- Yu Miyashita, 2015

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