born in 1984 in Yamanashi, Japan
lives and works in Berlin, Germany

An electronic composer with both the names of Yu Miyashita / Yaporigami. An owner of a label The Collection Artaud. He has released works from a number of labels internationally, including Mille Plateaux and Detroit Underground. Music videos such as SyncBody, Mimic, The Motion Paradox and Lilium were selected, nominated and screened at festivals in various countries. In recent years, Miyashita has provided music for installation records by contemporary artist Chiharu Shiota, architect Asif Khan, and American festival Burning Man, and produced music for three stage shows of fashion brand Viviano Sue. In addition, a collaborative exhibition with Kezzardrix was held at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. Miyashita was in charge of the soundtrack of Jeremiah Mosese's directorial film, which was screened at the 2019 Venice International Film Festival.

Audio Visual Installation, 2018

Visual: Kezzardrix
Music: Yaporigami

We will challenge to present a work focusing on the collapse and formation of rhythm by music and images. The Gestalt collapse is known as a both auditory and visual phenomenon in which you lose cognition of ‘form’ such as rhythms once properly recognised. In ancient Greece, the rhythm was called rhythmos which refers to the formation of ‘forms’ in a wide range of fields including placement of objects and/or establishment of humanity. When recognising the rhythm, the human nature or personal emotions can be evoked. When losing the rhythm, those are put in an ambiguous state until new ‘form’ can be found. Fluctuation on this boundary has a mysterious charm. Through the collapse and formation of rhythm on the time axis, we would like to question how ambiguous our perceptions are.


Curator: YEH Ting-Hao
Venue: National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts