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Another alias of electronic musician Yu Miyashita. Renowned music videos include SyncBody, The Motion Paradox, Lilium. Lately commissioned for MTV International Ident and continues to appear at various international festivals.

電子音楽家Yu Miyashitaによる別名義。代表的なミュージックビデオに”SyncBody”、”The Motion Paradox”、”Lilium”等がある。近年ではMTV International Identへの楽曲提供や、世界各国のフェスティバルへの継続的な出演を行なっている。

"Miyashita plays Jekyll and Hyde"
- Bleep
"Somehow elegantly weightless yet utterly bombed out and forceful / The most deviant breakbeat techno of 2015 so far"
- Boomkat
"Digital art star, beatsmith / sound artist"
- The Creators Project
"Like a dance record cultivated in the dark, nurtured away from conventional genre expectations."
- foxy digitalis
"Esoteric excursion / A strange, hypnotic creation that sounds timeless, as if droning on for longer than you’ve been alive."
- Igloo Magazine
"It is like an extraordinary Joan Miro's abstract art painting "The Song Of The Vowels"" where symbolic reduction of the flexible and unexamined forms create a thrilling fiction of existentialism. These controversial interpretations that vary among the agility, simplicity, joy, whimsical charm and nightmarish distortions undoubtedly mirror the versatility, intensity and profundity of Yaporigami. His music somehow reflects a current constant stylistic mutation and renewal of Techno scene."
- Secret Thirteen
"We quickly realised that his work was some of the most unique music we had heard in some time"
- Stray Landings
- Taro Peter Little
- World's End Girlfriend

M CHANNEL #4, Nylon, JP, 2016
M CHANNEL #3, Nylon, JP, 2016
MTV International Ident, MTV International, Worldwide, 2015

- MIX  

ID Spectral #4 - Auxx w/ Yaporigami, Stream, Resonance Extra, UK, 2018
Podcast ø166 : Yaporigami, Stream, Køsmo, FR, 2017
Structure. Shapes #20 / Yaporigami, Stream, Structure., FR, 2017
null041: YAPORIGAMI, Stream / Free DL, null+void, UK, 2015
Secret Thirteen Mix 061, STJ 061, Stream, Secret Thirteen Journal, LT, 2013    

#1 IDM chart / #1 Industrial chart / #30 Electronic chart / #35 Techno chart, Mixcloud


Language, kynd, US, 2019
Lilium, kynd, US / BRDG, JP, 2015
The Motion Paradox, Kezzardrix, JP / BRDG, JP, 2014
BBD (w/ Junichi Akagawa), mikyokyuji, JP, 2013
Eve, ogaooooo, JP / BRDG, JP, 2013
Hedonistic Copycat, Yousuke Fuyama, JP / Hz-records, JP, 2012
Ada First, Yousuke Fuyama, JP / Hz-records, JP, 2012
SyncBody, Daihei Shibata + Hiroshi Sato, JP / BRDG, JP, 2012  


Punto y Raya Festival, CeTA, Wroclaw, PL, 27 Oct 2018
Meme City: Hacking Realities Media Art Festival, CAA Gymnasium, Hangzhou, CN, 24 Dec 2015
Channel #13 w/ kynd, Super Deluxe, Tokyo, JP, 02 Dec 2015
BRDG#6 Crazy Horse w/ Yasuyuki Yoshida, WWW, Tokyo, JP, 09 Oct 2015
BRDG presents Asakusa Crazy Horse 5 Hours w/HEXPIXELS, Dommune, Tokyo, JP, 07 Oct 2015
Channel #11 w/ Kezzardrix, Super Deluxe, Tokyo, JP, 10 Apr 2015

[A/V] Punto Y Raya Festival , CeTA: Audiovisual Technology Center, Wroclaw, PL, 27 Oct 2018
[A/V] Nine Tomorrows, Powerlong Art Center, Hangzhou, CN, 04 May 2018
[A/V] Meme City: Hacking Realities Media Art Festival, CAA Gymnasium, Hangzhou, CN, 24 Dec 2015
[A/V] BRDG#6 Crazy Horse, WWW, Tokyo, JP, 09 Oct 2015
[DJ/V] BRDG presents Asakusa Crazy Horse, Dommune, Tokyo, JP. 07 Oct 2015
[A/V] Grind Analysts by Yaporigami「分析粉砕」上演 - 宮下悠と鍵となる個々での, Dommune,Tokyo, JP, 13 Aug 2015
[Live] Revirth & Hz-records presents BROADJ♯1608-09, Dommune, Tokyo, JP, 17 May 2015
[Live] Mark Fell/NHK yx`s POTATO Tour in Osaka, NEW OSAKA HOTEL Shinsaibashi, Osaka, JP, 24 May 2015
[A/V] FF Space Showcase (A/V set), Soup, Tokyo, JP, 13 Oct 2014
[Live] Red Bull Music Academy Weekender EMAF TOKYO 2013, Liquidroom / KATA & Liquid Loft, Tokyo, JP, 04 Nov 2013
[A/V] Transitio_MX 05, Centro Nacional de las Artes, Mexico City, MX, 28 Sep 2013
[Live] inspiration #2 powered by Ultrabook/CREATORS LAP LOUNGE feat.+MUS, Dommune, Tokyo, JP, 21 Dec 2012
[A/V] Republic Vol.10 The Final, Womb, Tokyo, JP, 01 Dec 2012
[Live] Sasakure Festival Vol.2, Womb, Tokyo, JP, 14 July 2012
[A/V] IdleMoments, Metro, Kyoto, JP, 20 Mar 2012
[Live] BRDG#5, WWW, Tokyo, JP, 10 Mar 2012
[Live] Out Of Dots Vol.5, Mogra, Tokyo, JP, 10 Feb 2012
[A/V] Mille Plateaux / Force Inc. Release Party, Chez Jacki, Berlin, DE, 02 Nov 2011
[A/V] Denpa 2011, Axxcis, Tokyo, JP, 26 Jun 2011
[Live] Loop Festival, Jubilee Square, Brighton, UK, 16 Aug 2008
[Live] Instrumentality, Concorde2, Brighton, UK, 31 May 2008
[Live] Electronic Mischief, Sketch, London, UK, 14 Dec 2007
[Live] Overkill, Electrowerkz, London, UK, 04 Nov 2005


Tilted, Chromesthesia Resonance, Digiark Gallery - National Taiwan Museum Of Fine Arts, Taichung, TW, 01 Sep 2018 ~ 18 Nov 2018

Ars Electronica Animation Festival - Abstraction, Linz, AT, 2015
Nippon Connection, Frankfurt, DE, 2015
Profound TV, Tokyo Street Screens, JP, 2014
DOTMOV Festival, Various Countries, 2013 - 2014

Lilium, kynd, BRDG, 2015
The Motion Paradox, Kezzardrix, BRDG, 2014
SyncBody, Daihei Shibata / Hiroshi Sato, BRDG, 2012


Flowers Burst and Bloom in VJ Collective's Hypnotic Watercolor Experiment, The Creators Project, English, 2015
'The Motion Paradox': Kaleidoscopic VJ Visuals Mapped To Dark Electronic Beats, The Creators Project, English, 2014

FF`SPACE INTERVIEW 002: YAPORIGAMI, Interview by FF'Space, UA, English / Japanese, 2016
null041: YAPORIGAMI, Interview by null+void, UK, English, 2015
+Mus Documentary (Interviews with Artists), Produced by +Mus, JP, Japanese, 2013
0021 // YU MIYASHITA / YAPORIGAMI, Interview by Stray Landings, UK, English, 2013
Tokyo Basement Sounds, Voice Interview by Pakchee & wk[es], Hz-records, JP, Japanese, 2012
Qetic (w/ Junichi Akagawa), Interview by em & Seiya Togo, Qetic, JP, Japanese, 2012
3055, Interview by Seiya Togo, 3055, JP, Japanese, 2012

受中国美院邀请二度来华演出的 Yu Miyashita / Yaporigami 是怎样的电子音乐人?, Zhihu, CN, Chinese, 2018
Yu Miyashita / Yaporigami が選ぶ2015年ベストアルバム10枚, Oremedia, JP, 2015

- TALK  

Grind Analysts by Yaporigami「分析粉砕」対話 - 宮下悠と鍵となる個々との, Dommune, Tokyo, JP, 13 Aug 2015