Berlin DE, July 2021

A man came to the very first show of my live performance in Berlin.
He seemed very impressed after the show.

I visited his Berlinale premiere of a film.

I was astonishingly impressed in a way that his film somehow succeeded in showing me a sense - a sense that few rare people can only hold - an ephemeral balance between life and death, freedom and domination, peace and chaos, and so on.

A man came to me and said, at the after party of the premiere on the day.
“I’d like to ask you for my next film’s soundtrack commission.”
I wasn’t sure if this was just the greeting and/or mere alternative of saying hi to me.

A while later, my phone rang. It was him.
“I’d like to ask you for my next film’s soundtrack commission.”
He was dead serious. I understood it at the time.

I have never commissioned a film soundtrack before in my career, however, he somehow believed in me. At least, he believed in what he has seen/heard at the venue - my music.

I do not have a classical musical background or anything.
I cannot even read scores properly.
Music itself/themselves has/have been my teacher(s) only and nothing else has.
I am a purely self-taught musician / composer.
None of my family / relatives are music orientated people.
I confess here.

I owe you, a man.
I owe you for not taking you seriously enough at the time.

A man believed in me.
A man believed in no status or whatever but the music he had heard at the time.