Yamanashi JP, 2015

Giselle came into view silently, with a strained look, from behind the cross of the grave. She stepped into the stage little by little, unhurriedly and steadily. I remember her appearance was as totally melted into time and space at that point.
Giselle crossing the stage diagonally, audience applauded.
It was that moment my conscious was totally drowned and went away from me - the lift in the middle of the show. Giselle flew in the air as if her entire body was dislocated. Floating stature, at that moment and exact place, as earth's gravity was not valid and a door to the another dimension was opened. Ephemeral as a ghost, elegant as a bird's feather and the preciousness of Giselle's fate that allows her to perform all those astonishing motions as if she was easily stepping into the zone beyond the human physicality.
This world is still full of buds of unknown excitements.