A/V Installation, 2020

Film: Acci Baba
Music: Yu Miyashita

A/V Installation Artwork
Single Channel 4k Video + Stereo Audio
(Display Size Variable)

Special Thanks To:
k.arikura / d.benett / b.lutch / n.binder /
r&m.kirch / / r.tsutsui / r.kondo /
i.hojo / h.minowa / k.ueda / a.thomas / k&m.baba /
german corona aid package / urban collective

(C)2020 a.baba / studio baba / underarrow

An optical-sonic artwork to depict the primordial images of the inner space. A symbol uniting all the opposites were chosen to reflect the rapidly shifting paradigm. These phrases arose during the collaborative creative process;

“A world of endless death and renewal / A snake to symbolize the limit of material 
A threshold of cognition / A fool deciphering the illusion
Origin, universe and body / Sun, moon and creator
Archetype, truth, and regression / Time, space and reincarnation
Mysterious synchronicity / Unexplained serendipity
Collinear time axis, Light and darkness / Inevitable coincidence, absolute incidence
Mercurius, the prima materia of the alchemy and unconscious”