A/V Installation, 2020

Film: Acci Baba
Music: Yu Miyashita

A/V Installation Artwork
Single Channel 4k Video + Stereo Audio
(Display Size Variable)

Special Thanks To:
k.arikura / d.benett / b.lutch / n.binder /
r&m.kirch / / r.tsutsui / r.kondo /
i.hojo / h.minowa / k.ueda / a.thomas / k&m.baba /
german corona aid package / urban collective

(C)2020 a.baba / studio baba / underarrow

An optical-sonic artwork to depict the primordial images of the inner space. A symbol uniting all the opposites were chosen to reflect the rapidly shifting paradigm. These phrases arose during the collaborative creative process;

“A world of endless death and renewal / A snake to symbolize the limit of material
A threshold of cognition / A fool deciphering the illusion
Origin, universe and body / Sun, moon and creator
Archetype, truth, and regression / Time, space and reincarnation
Mysterious synchronicity / Unexplained serendipity
Collinear time axis, Light and darkness / Inevitable coincidence, absolute incidence
Mercurius, the prima materia of the alchemy and unconscious”

“The illusionary could only be a play in the mind of an imaginary sea. The working truth is in the functioning of the perceived form. There’s humongous modelling and remodelling of shaping taking place to the spatial dance. The digital optical-sonic work helps imagine the snake dancing of the spatial bodies under the influence of a mysteriously rhythmic sound of Pungi. The feel is that of riding much to the edge of threshold, in the continued renewal of origination.” - ONKAF

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