Yamanashi JP, 2015

A scar you made on my hand disappeared on that day. It seems to be a mere coincidence.
She behaves / appears like a cat. You weren't so when you were little. She became a part of a family by a sheer coincidence. Until the very end, you seem to have kept a pride as a woman. Last few days, she showed me an aspect of "life", strangely realistic, many people might see it as "ominous", but I didn't feel so. You just looked / I just felt like your spirit was eager to live beyond the decline of your body / flesh. She taught me the very essence of "life". You taught me a pride as individual to be retained. Your last appearance, as such a noble individual, was highly beautiful. I'd remember it often surely. It was very nice to meet you. When I see you again, let's go for a walk together. I'd be happy to listen to your selfish requests if there is. Rest in calm peace for now. I will see you later.

猫の様な振る舞い/佇まいで。若い時はそうでは無かったのだけど。ひょんな事から家族の一員になる事が決まった子で。最期まで女性としての誇りを守り続けた様に思えた。最期の数日、その様相は「生」という妙にリアルで、ある種多くの人に「禍々しいモノ」として見えるかもしれない側面を垣間見せる事になったのだけど、僕にはそうは思えなかった。精神が身体 / 肉体の衰えを超えてでも生きようとしている様にしか見えなかったし、感じなかった。「生」という本質そのものを彼女は僕に教えてくれた。守るべき個としての誇りも教えてくれた。そんな気高い彼女の最期の姿はとても美しかったし、きっと今からも度々あの姿を思い出す事になると思う。本当に出会えて良かった。今度また会う事があったら一緒に散歩しよう、ワガママにも喜んで付き合うから。だから今は安らかに、また会う時まで。