Berlin DE, 2020

The Autechre live I saw at the Glade Festival in the UK in 2006 was the best live I have ever come across in my whole life, and it was a set of four Elektrons based on “Untilted” which was released in the previous year. I write this fact first.

I think the “SIGN” is a complete failure. The ideology of the alias Autechre (for certain while), I personally understood, is that they have been in the pursuit of abundant complexity (after applying through the sensibilities and aesthetics of the two), which has been extremely information-overload-esque and continued to reject and transcend the (hardcore) listener's analysis. In this regard, I do not think the “SIGN” has much of such impressions. However, the fact that the essence of the problem I am feeling is not this point, seems very serious... I cannot see what they were aiming for. Rather, they probably made it very natural to their senses. The essence of the problem is here. Quite clearly, I feel that this level of music is already overflowing everywhere. With each release of Autehcre, the new territory of electronic music was further expanded, and the stimulating sensation of marking the alias Autechre into the undeveloped regions faded its presence. If music of Autechre does not have this innovative feel, what could possibly remain after? Isn't there anything left...? Now that only the name Autechre has surpassed the value of the actual musical output, the only thing I have in mind is what they wanted to say / convey with the title “SIGN”. This question has been spinning around in my head.
2006年にイギリスのGlade Festivalで見たAutechreのライブが、僕が人生で今迄に経験した最高のライブであり、前年にリリースされたUntiltedを軸としたElektron計4台でのセットだった事を鮮明に記憶している、事を先に書いておきます。