Yamanashi JP, 2015

I would still feel inappropriate when things are perceived, understood and concluded piecemeal and superficially. Fluidity / versatility / multi-layers - a depth produced by those elements. I feel that it surely exists. For example, when we enjoy the music - time art, I do think we apply "time sequence" as a measure and perceive it. If this "time sequence" was applied beyond the framework of music, existing (fixed) ideas would be expanded. In other words, human history, world history and lives of every individuals could actually be interpreted as time art. Every timelines you have been involved (not meaning in a SNS way) will be collected as part of your time art - you have been creating through your life. I assume I am (to some extent) sensitive to the "time sequence" however, I seem not to have understood this concept until now.. (Thinking this in a painter way, for instance) we are all given a white canvas called the time and each of us are painting on it in various ways. "All phenomena / events are time arty. All human beings are time artist." I don't know why I thought in this way but It feels pretty right to me.
物事を断片的 / 表層的に受け取って理解 / 断定する事にはやっぱり違和感を覚えます。流動性 / 多面性 / 多層性 - それらの要素が生み出す奥行き(と呼び得る何か)が確実に存在していると感じるので。例えば、音楽 - 時間芸術を享受する際に僕らは「時間のシーケンス」を物差しとして作品と対面すると思うのですが、この「時間のシーケンス」を音楽という枠を超えて適用すれば既存の(固定)観念を拡げられるのでは?と。つまり、今迄の人類史とか歴史とか個々の人間の一生とか、全て時間芸術に成り得るし、関わった全てのタイムライン(SNS的な意味合いでは無く)がその人の一生を通して表現される時間芸術に回収されていく、という。「時間のシーケンス」にある程度敏感である筈なのにこの事を今になってやっと理解した様な。。画家的に考えれば、時間という真っ白のキャンバスが与えられていて、それぞれの人間が色々な絵を描いている、という。「全ての事象が時間芸術的で、全ての人間が時間芸術家である」と何故だか分かりませんがふと考えて、結構しっくり来ています。